Chevrolet Take Dreams to Cape Town

Chevrolet Ute Force and Dreamfields Projects spread the joy of soccer throughout Cape Town.

Cape Town, Western Cape.  Chevrolet Ute Force spent a week in the heart of Cape Town making dreams come true for players, aspiring youngsters and hopeful captains from in and around the city.

The initiative comes at a time when youngsters in the mother city need some hope and inspiration. Each child in attendance not only received access to training and soccer kit but also an opportunity to become part of something bigger; the Chevrolet 5-a-side league that took place over the weekend.

Soccer teams from 10 local schools in and around Cape Town were invited to play soccer and received brand new kit as part of a recent initiative with Chevrolet and Dreamfields Projects.

Tim Hendon, Chevrolet Brand Manager, said through the beautiful game of soccer communities are brought together and children are given the opportunity to realise their own dreams and potential. “If something as simple as a ball can build a dream for a child, then that is a dream we are going to help make true!”

In partnership with Dreamfeilds Projects, Chevrolet has enabled many youngsters to enjoy soccer in various communities across the country. Dreamfields Project CEO, John Perlman, said, “Dreamfields is delighted to be growing dreams with Chevrolet in the Western Cape. This part of the country has lead the way in growing the grassroots game, producing great stars like Shaun Bartlett, Benni McCarthy and Quinton Fortune. He further added that Chevrolet’s contribution of One World Futbols and DreamBags to schools in the area had made a big contribution to an excellent tradition.

To date the Chevrolet Ute Force project has impacted more than 240 schools in South Africa since 2013. In addition, Chevrolet South Africa has to date distributed more than 60 000 One World Futbols in needy communities across South Africa. This is part of a much bigger global vision to empower children in all communities across the world; a total of two million balls in aid of the Chevrolet One World Play Project have been distributed world wide.

Each event is recorded and the videos are shared to inspire corporates companies in South Africa to do their bit too.


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